Welcoming Big B's Hard Cider to the Durango Blues Train

With the June and August Durango Blues Trains rolling closer each day, we're excited to welcome Big B's Hard Cider to the Durango Blues Train! Based in Paonia, CO, Big B's brews organic hard ciders and juices directly from their sustainable orchard, using  the highest quality juice and yeast, with no added sweeteners, sulfites, or colors. Big B's Orchard Original hard cider and Lazy Daze hard lemonade will be available at all three on train bars, alongside of regional craft beer offerings from Ska Brewing and Telluride Brewing Company, as well as select wine.



Orchard Original

Made with only two ingredients, fresh pressed cider apples and traditional cider yeast, this is the driest cider we make. It starts off with a crisp apple taste and has a smooth dry finish. This is the true OG of our ciders. 6.9% ABV


Lazy Daze

This one-of-a-kind Hard Lemonade is more of a Cider Shandy, if you will, and is created by combining our Orchard Original with Big B’s Organic Orchard Recipe Lemonade. It’s a perfect marriage between dry cider and sweet/tart lemonade. Ultra refreshing, amazingly crisp, and goes great with your favorite gin! 4.5% ABV