Gino Matteo


“Work hard at what you love, treat everyone you meet like family, and try to smile here and there.” ~Gino Matteo


Through it all, Gino Matteo still holds true to what he believes, writing music about his life as he lives it: his love, joy, and pain pouring out through his guitar and voice. Truly an “old soul,” Gino is a rarity in today’s Roots-Music world, preserving a wealth of knowledge and respect for his predecessors. Using his experiences and regard for the pioneers before him as the inspirational fuel behind his distinct artistry, Gino has developed a well-established reputation as an acclaimed guitarist and exceptional singer-songwriter, writing and performing with the likes of such legends as B.B. King, John Mayer, Jonny Lang, John Fogerty, Parliament Funkadelic, Aaron Neville, Chris Cain, Carl Weathersby, David Hidalgo (Los Lobos) and Jason Ricci to name a few.


Gino’s performances are spontaneous, explosive, and original. Gino’s velvety smooth voice croons raw, honest emotion with a soulful grit, while his guitar acts as an extension of his soul; resonating a deep-rooted, esoteric quality that evokes a powerful emotional response all its own; hitting the ear drums and stimulating the senses with an unspoken language only achievable through genuine love and feeling.


Gino’s unique ability to express himself verbally as well as nonverbally, through his guitar, has allowed him to tour the US several times over, as well as internationally. In addition to sharing the stage with some of the afore mentioned musical legends of our time, Gino has also performed at some of the world’s premiere festivals, concert halls, and clubs, earning praise and applause everywhere he performs.


For 2013, Gino will be releasing his second full length album, his first on Rip Cat Records, in early Spring, as well as embarking on a heavy tour schedule in support of his release, taking him from coast to coast as well as overseas.